Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Notes While Watching The Cavs Tonight...

How much money does Marv Albert make?

Is that the best hair piece he can get or does he want to resemble Howard Cosell on purpose?

How did Craig Sager get on TV?

Does he every try on his clothes and look in a mirror before he makes the purchase or is he trying to resemble a high school English teacher forced to be a chaperon at the prom?
Why must we suffer through this Cleveland Indians' bullpen with no relief in sight?
The Indians are on pace to lose 95 games!
Why don't the Cavs drive to the basket?
Do you miss Casey Blake as much as I do?
How did Marv Albert keep his job after pleading to assault and battery? Would you still have a job? I could do without Marv Albert. However, there are those who love his "bitting" commentary.
Halftime and the Cavs are down by 1 point.
After 45 games, the Indians are 17 - 28 for a .378 winning percentage.
Cavs must drive to the basket!
Indians must get some pitching from somewhere and stop putting guys in the game that continue to fail like Luis Vizcaino!
I can't watch anymore. Cleveland cannot stand another heartbreak. The only way they can win is to drive to the basket and early in the second half it is still not happening...Goodnight.

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