Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey, Any Chinese Money For The Indians?

A few days ago, hell, it may have been a week ago, Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon Journal wrote words to the effect of Fausto Carmona being a "Flash in the Pan" success in 2007. He thinks that Fausto was more or less just lucky and put together one good year.
Sheldon, do you really think that a pitcher who has runner-up numbers for a Cy Young award just got lucky? Come on, Fausto falls victim to poor mechanics often. These poor mechanics affect his ability to pitch effectively and stay healthy. I wanted so badly to drive down to Progressive Field tonight as Fausto was failing yet once again. I wanted to tell Fausto about where he is releasing the ball. I wanted to review films with him of his mechanics in 2007 with those of 2008 and those of this year.
Hey, wait a minute...Isn't that what Carl Willis is supposed to do?
Fausto is not alone. You can look at this team from top to bottom, position to position, and player to player and think, "How did all these guys get so bad all at once?"
It makes sense to get rid of the players, doesn't it? After all, what are we supposed to do at this level, play wet-nurse to these guys every time they start to get off track? These are professionals and they are in the Bigs because they have prepared and earned their way up here.
I maintain that this coaching staff is not capable of recognizing players' issues and working through them before they become career-threatening issues.
There is no other explanation for the total breakdown of this team. Not unless you believe that the team is plotting to tank the season.
I maintain that the trainers cannot keep these guys healthy by helping to recognize causes for injuries common to pitchers and position players. How many of our pitchers over the last 5 years have suffered from Oblique muscle pulls? How many position players have been playing with sore shoulders, blown out elbows, and nagging hamstrings? Over the course of a season, there will be injuries but the same injuries over and over again to these players?
I maintain that manager Eric Wedge is extremely stubborn. He has it in his head that hard work is going to make this team successful, no matter how long it takes. He has no concept of the 162 game season. I would also maintain that it wasn't Fausto who got lucky in 2007, it was Eric Wedge.
I maintain that GM Mark Shapiro is in a tough place. He has no money to build the team and his coaching staff is tremendously challenged to get the current players on track. He should have fired Eric Wedge and his coaching staff long ago.
I maintain that the Dolans must sell this team. They do not have the financial ability to run this team successfully.
So Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is entertaining Chinese investors to become minority owners of the Cavs.
Dan, can you ask them if they have any friends who like baseball?

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