Sunday, May 17, 2009

Something To Talk About May Soon Lead To Something To Cheer About

Everybody...everybody from your grandmother to your little leaguer thinks Grady Sizemore should be moved down in the Indians' lineup...everybody but manager Eric Wedge.
Bud Shaw thinks so...
Terry Pluto thinks so...
Pat McManamon of the Akron Beacon Journal thinks so...
Sheldon Ocker thinks so...
Hell, even Joe the Plumber thinks so!
Grady is striking out more this year than ever before. He is batting .220 because of the strikeouts and the fact that he is leading off. But, after the first inning with a runner in front of him like Jamey Carroll, he gets better pitches and hits through a hole where the infielder holding Carroll or someone else on base has vacated. Sizemore has too much power to be a lead off hitter. He takes a big swing and therefore strikes out often because nobody is on base ahead of him when he leads off. Most of the experts mentioned above would bat Sizemore 3rd with Victor Martinez batting cleanup. Think about this...
Sizemore wants to lead off to get as many at bats as he can. Drop him one spot to 2nd in the lineup. Put Shin Soo Choo 1st, Grady 2nd, and leave the leading hitter in the American League, Victor Martinez in the 3rd spot where he belongs.
I loved seeing manager Eric Wedge get tossed the other night, not because of my desire to see him work in another industry but because I thought he was absolutely right to dispute the blown call at home plate. Mark DeRosa was SOOOOOOOOOOO safe!
But here is an interesting result of the tossing of Wedge. The team lost control of the game and blew a 7 run lead to lose the game 8-7. If Wedge were still in the game, would we have lost?
Does a manager, even of the caliber of Eric Wedge mean that much to a team within the framework of a 9 inning game?
How does this speak to the rest of the coaching staff that let the bottom fall out?
Perhaps Wedge was still calling the shots from the clubhouse runway but at any rate, I still maintain the coaches, the manager, the general manager, and the owner all should be on the hot seat for the pitiful start this team has had over the last two seasons.
It is long past time for the Dolan family to go back to what they know, cable TV. They do not have the resources or the savvy to run a major league sports franchise.
Please sell the team and spare us the pain that we suffered with the likes of Nick Mileti and Ted Stepien.
I am so very tired of the short arms and deep pockets these guys have when it comes to financing a competitive team.
Were we just lucky in 2007?
Mr. Dolan, if you love the Cleveland Indians as you say you do, sell the team!

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