Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wahoo! What A Win!

It wasn't pretty but we will take it!
It was fun though, wasn't it?
The Tribe hitters were stymied for most of the game but stayed patient, waiting for their chance to go ahead...then again...then again!
It was a roller coaster ride of a game but it certainly kept your attention.
Didn't you just get the feeling last night that the Tribe was going to somehow win that game?
If you did, you had to be as patient as the hitters, looking, measuring, waiting to erupt.
There were big hits, big plays, and some pretty good and pretty bad pitching.
Let's see what these guys can do with a one game winning streak.
Tonight it is Anthony Reyes' turn.
He needs to get us into the 7th inning with a strong performance.
This is another must win game for Wedge and his bunch as they leave the comfort of the cover of the Jays' park and head to the Green Monster for 2 big games.
Gotta win this one tonight though first!
I'm thinking...Tribe 8, Jays 3!

Did you hear it?

I am 99.9% sure that after Shin Soo Choo grounded out to end the Cleveland half of the 7th inning, STO sportscaster Rick Manning apparently thought he was off the air once more and I heard him drop an "F" bomb again. I am certainly not offended by it and I share his disdain for a weak swing to end and inning and kill a badly needed rally!


Gotta take a moment to congratulate the King on getting his first crown of the season!

Way to go King James on winning the NBA League MVP!

I was driving and heard the award presentation on 1100 AM. Too bad it was on the Triv show. What a buffoon that guy Trivisonno is!

Here is to Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers who are sure to bring Cleveland their first major championship since '64!

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