Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blue...You Blue-It!

When did the the comfortable confines of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg become Yankee Stadium II?
I have not witnessed officiating like I saw today since the last time the Indians were in the Bronx!
You know, the Tribe still had shortcomings and missed opportunities that probably would have cost them the game today anyway but come on, we can lose these game on our own, we do not need official intervention.
A terrible missed call on Friday night cost Mark DeRosa and the Tribe a run as he slid safely into home plate. "Out!" was the call and then so was manager Eric Wedge...and rightfully so because he needed to defend his player and team.

Today started out with the Tribe unable to take advantage of a goof by Rays manager Joe Maddon that kept his DH out of the game and made his pitchers go to the plate.
Later, Ryan Garko hit a ball to left field that went over Carl Crawford's mitt, bounced off of the top of the wall, and dropped into the waiting hands of Crawford. The "Out" sign was given. As Garko waited on 2nd base and Wedge stalked nearby, the umpiring brain trust huddled to make lemonade. The call stood.
The umpires then proceeded to lose complete control as the two teams who engaged in what appeared to be a game of "SPUD" as they threw often at each other. Tempers erupted, mainly catcher Victor Martinez lost his and again, rightfully so.
During the bench clearing that took place, the only casualty was Indians' pitching coach Carl Willis getting tossed from the game. That's like losing a wad of gum off of your shoe as you walk down the street.

Well, after some blown strike calls, mainly checked swings by Jhonny Peralta and David Dellucci, all that was missing was a Yankee fan interfering with a batted ball to the outfield and the umpire calling it a home run.

Even though manager Eric Wedge put just a very sad lineup on the field, you had to feel for him as he tried to get his troops to battle back just to have the umpires hold any rally back.

Note to Eric Wedge; When an opposing manager pulls a bone-headed mistake that takes the DH out of the game and mandates his pitchers must bat, take advantage of the situation! What the hell was Garko doing in left field? Because everyone is screaming for Grady Sizemore to drop down in the lineup you sit him down? When Maddon pulled his boner, why didn't you go back with your A team?

The good news is that Masa is gone!

That's all the good news.

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