Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Arms! To Arms!

What to watch...Indy 500? Been there a few times but it is a wonderful tradition!

Cleveland Indians' Baseball? Been there a million times and it too is a wonderful tradition!

Split screen TV on the holiday weekend...Priceless!

Tonight we have the Cavs in game 3 in Orlando...I am worried but trust that the King can bring Cleveland our first championship since 1964!

Holy ----! Grady hits a triple scoring a run and the ball gets away from the 3rd baseman, Grady goes home, is called out but over-ruled and called safe by the 3rd base umpire due to interference! Not sure where the interference took place but we will take the run to tie the game!

Do you get really nervous when a Cleveland Indian Closer comes into a game anymore? Recent memory serves up Joe "Joe Blow" Borowski tossing homer-balls to lose games.

Think back even further to "Good Bob, Bad Bob" Wickman. Then there was Jose Mess-Up!

Currently, we have "Scary Kerry" Wood!

Last night, the Tribe came from behind to take the lead with 1 run only to hand the game to Wood in the ninth! Very scary but we won.

Someone wrote into the Cleveland Plain Dealer today to ask, "Is it true, as a smart business move, that the Tribe made sure to mail in the season before postage went up?"

Funny, but here is a different slant;

We took 2 of 3 from KC and we are working on taking 2 of 3 from Cincy (rubber game currently tied at 3-3). I like the hustle I am seeing. Bats are coming alive. I love the new batting order! Leadership is present in the players, namely Victor Martinez. If we can just get pitching healthy, we can still compete this season!

OK, gotta get back to the 500 and the Tribe game, then get ready for the King James show later!

Come on Tribe...Hustle this one away from Cincy and take the series!

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