Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lay Off Of LeBron!

Yeah, I know, this is an Indians' blog. But something just needs to be said in defense of King James.

First, let me qualify myself.

I do not like basketball. However, I love having LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is good for Cleveland and anything that is good for Cleveland, I am all for. I must however admit that on a percentage basis, when the Indians were on TV opposite the Cavaliers, the Indians dominated my attention.
I did see enough of the playoff to see that sportsmanship was very one-sided. Who does Dwight Howard think he is, LeBron James? He's more like his evil brother. The guy is a thug. And so is the rest of his scuzball team. What did he have, 6 technical fouls?...Oops, wait a 5 technical fouls thanks to the powers that be in the NBA.

OK, so LeBron didn't care to partake in the after loss media circus...probably not a good move King, but so what.

And then he broke the "unwritten rule" (as it is called by commish David Stern) of not shaking hands with the opposition. Hmmm, I am trying to remember if a very young CC Sabathia shook hands with the guy who robbed him of his jewelry at gun point at a party.

The Magic was the better team, no doubt about it. But how many elbows did LeBron throw compared to Dwight Howard? I guess you could say the Magic won that battle too, like 20 - 0.

It's over, we lost, and LeBron was pissed...too bad and who cares that he didn't go shake hands?

So, go ahead and fine him David Stern. LeBron makes most of his money outside of his NBA paycheck anyway. Whatever he fines him will be chump change.

I guess you could say LeBron makes more money than Jesus! Now that is a stupid thing to say, isn't it? Unless you are the Denver Nugget's coach George Karl. You know, the guy who runs the other semi final loser. When asked about the performance of Kobe Bryant in the final 7 minutes of game 6 of the Western Championship Series, Karl said words to the effect of Kobe was indefensible and unstoppable. Even Jesus couldn't defend against him.

So, that makes me think...if there were a pickup game and George Karl was taking his pick between Kobe Bryant and Jesus, would Karl really pick Kobe? You know, he just may. Think about all of the distractions Jesus has, would his head really be in the game? Oops, time out, gotta take this prayer. Or, Hey guys, it's been fun but I gotta run...earthquake in Syria!.

And now I am done with basketball. I am back to 100% baseball and the Cleveland Indians (instead of 99.9%).

So, here is a golden opportunity that Wedgie better jump on; the Tigers are playing the Bosox. I know your Indians are banged up but you still have a golden opportunity to gain in the division standings, or at least in games behind.

I love these guys stepping up like Jamey Carroll. If I manage the team, I find a way to get this guy in just about every game! He is hungry, a baseball opportunist, and he never-ever gets cheated at the plate. Rock on Jamey Carroll! Rock on Tribe, let's gain some ground, starting tonight!

And, long live the King! Let's just get him his Scotty Pipen for next year!

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