Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The Cure...

Apparently what ails the Cleveland Indians will not be cured in this season. Yes, they have suffered many injuries to many key players. However, scoring 12 runs and not winning the game cannot be blamed on injuries. Blowing a 7 run lead also cannot be blamed on the missing injured. It was almost one year ago that the Tribe brass gave up on the season and traded away their future free agents CC Sabathia and Casey Blake. Through yesterday, the Indians are 29 and 41. On this same date last year, they were 35 and 40.

Is it time again to throw in the towel on this season?

You bet it is.

Yesterday, the Dolan family (owners of this hapless team) were on hand in Chicago to see their team blow yet another lead twice in the game to lose in extra innings in the most embarrassing ways. Kerry Wood may have a banner raised to his accomplishments in Chicago in 1998 but the best remembrance of this failed Indians' closer will be the door hitting him in the behind as he leaves Cleveland.

You can trade off the free agents but the problems will still remain. The team has ownership that cannot finance the business to compete on a daily basis. The talent pool is dwindling and management is forced to play injured players when they should be rested or have career saving operations without being rushed back.


  • Let Grady Sizemore have the operation now on his elbow that is inevitable.

  • Do not rush back Jake Westbrook as the white flag will be raised on this season in the next few days.

  • Manager Eric Wedge need to be replaced but not with another sub-caliber manager. He might as well stay until ownership is in the position to replace him with a winner that will command a much higher salary.

  • Mark Shapiro claims that this season is no one's fault except his. Agreed, see ya!

  • The Dolan family must quickly find an interested buyer with the capital to run the team as Dick Jacobs did, as a profitable business that could compete with the best teams in the league.

I remain a loyal fan to the Cleveland Indians. The likes of Frank Lane and the Dolans have come and gone and we weathered the storms they brought with them. I can only hope that a community leader and businessman the likes of Dick Jacobs will step forward, purchase the team, keep them here in Cleveland where they belong, restructure the management from top to bottom, and finance the club as a profitable business.

It has been done before, here and in other cities.

Why not now?

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