Monday, June 15, 2009


Cliff Lee led an inspired Cleveland Indians Team to a well-played victory last night on national television. I am sure the national audience was cut down a bit with the NBA finals opposite but the good guys in white looked great! Cliff Lee was excellent as he took a no hitter into the top of the 8th inning. The first inning started out a little rough for Cliff as he walked the lead off and 3rd batter, but after he got out of the inning with "a zero" as he calls it, the Indians' hitters set the pace for the game. Patience at the plate was not the theme for either team but sparkling defensive plays were executed by both ball clubs. The Indians won the game by a score of 3-0 and the way Cliff Lee was pitching, 3 runs were more than enough. The game did not go without incident. Late in the game with a no hitter on the line, a ball was hit near the right field stands. Shin Soo Choo was there in time to position himself under the nearly out of play foul ball when a spectator (not a fan) attempted to interfere. Joe Morgan of the ESPN Baseball Tonight team was cordial as he dismissed the action saying words to the effect that people want to catch a ball at the ball park but they do not always think of the circumstances. Luckily Choo was not interfered with and he made the catch. Had this moron spectator touched the ball or had been lucky enough to accidentally catch it, the batter gets another chance and who knows how the game could have turned out (Ala Chicago Cubs run for the championship a few years ago). Where were the "Fans" of the game in right field who could have sat this idiot back in and on his seat?
Perhaps tickets should come with the instructions, "Keep your head and arms inside the railing at all times!"
Oh well, the city looked great, so did the ball park, and the team played a great game despite some flounder in the outfield stands who should have stayed home and watched the NBA.

We get another chance to shine on national television tonight as we take on the Brew Crew on ESPN at 7:05 pm...We can gain another half game on the idle Tigers tonight...Go Tribe!

I was thinking about the passing of former team owner Dick Jacobs and all he did for the city and team that he loved. I know that the naming rights to the stadium have quite a few years to go before they come up again but think of the possibilities that still exist right now to remember this great man. Is it possible to call the stadium, "Jacobs Field at Progressive Park?" How about the reverse, "Progressive Field at Jacobs Park?" At the very least a street in downtown Cleveland could be named after Jacobs, perhaps Ontario Blvd.?...Hmmm...

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