Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did It Start Again?

Yes, apparently the "Annual Fire Sale" of Cleveland Indians potential free agents has started again...or better yet, has been re-ignited. During last night's loss to the Cincinnati Reds, infielder/outfielder/ball-basher Mark DeRosa was dealt to the St. Louis Cardinals for a handful of beans. Hell, these beans were not even advertised as magic beans!

I don't even want to get into trying to defend or analyze this trade as something that would remotely help this season because it will not and it wasn't intended to help this season despite GM Mark Shapiro's spin. Giving up a high quality player in DeRosa for a reliever with a bloated ERA and a minor league player to be named sometime when few fans will care signals raising the white flag on the '09 season in Cleveland.

OK, we expected it. It just hurts to see it.

The core problem with the Cleveland Indians is ownership. How long must we suffer with this relationship with "The Cable Guy?"

Is it time to start canvassing the greater Cleveland area for a savior? For a business leader to wrestle this team away from the financially strapped Dolan family?...Absolutely!

OK then, who?

  • How about Peter Lewis and his monster insurance company? The field is already called Progressive Field! The only problem is that this bleeding heart will go soft and eject our beloved Chief Wahoo for a more politically correct mascot...Forget it!

  • How about Eaton Corporation? They appear to be a financially sound rock of Cleveland with roots dating back to founder and Clevelander Cyrus Eaton. Does anyone know exactly what they do?

  • American, forget it, their bottom line has dropped.

  • Cleveland Clinic! Now there is a thought! This world power in medicine could keep the team healthy if not in contention! "Cleveland Clinic Heartland Field!" Naw, they would dump the Chief too.

  • Forest City Enterprises? This mega-real estate mogul certainly has the bucks. Their roots are deep in Cleveland...Hmmmm!

  • Here's a laugh...The Cleveland Plain Dealer! Forget it! Although they are out performing many news papers in the country, the economy and future of printed news is quite in jeopardy.

  • How about a savvy businessman like Mike Feuer? He is experienced at bringing investors together in a united effort. He loves to tell the story of how he founded OfficeMax on a blank piece of paper. He is about to do it again with his new company, Max Wellness, a chain of health super-stores about to open in September across the nation. While the CEO and President of OfficeMax, Mike began an advertising campaign in major league ballparks, beginning with the right field wall of then Jacobs Field. His apparent love affair with baseball was rekindled as he could be seen many nights in the field box seats next to the Indians' dugout. He is a tough businessman who get the results he wants...I love it!
Our bottom line is that the Dolans gotta go!

Somewhere out there in the greater Cleveland area is a hero. Someone like Dick Jacobs who has the ability to put together a purchase for this team and run it day in/day out as a successful and competitive business. I long for that day and wait with anticipation with millions of greater Clevelanders for such a hero...

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