Monday, June 8, 2009

Time To Give Wedge A Break...

Yes, I said it...It is time to give Eric Wedge, manager of the Cleveland Indians a break.

No one has been a bigger critic of Wedge, at least I don't know of anyone, who has been as steadfast in waiting for Wedge to get canned than me.

But hold on...His team has been hit with a tremendous amount of injuries that might have crippled a lesser manager.

Here is hoping that Grady Sizemore comes back soon 100%. Same for Astrubel Cabrera, Aaron Laffey, Scott Lewis, Raphael Betancourt, Joe Smith, and Anthony Reyes.

Also hoping that Fausto Carmona gets his mechanics straightened out quickly and can get back soon.

Here is the thing; the bench guys, led by Jamey Carroll, and all of the guys the Indians have called up from the minors are doing a pretty good job. After today's victory over Chicago, we are still only 7 games out of first. Can these guys not only hold it together but win more games than they lose? If they can, when the regulars get healthy, we have a real shot at this division.

So, I will lay off of Eric Wedge. In fact, I will commend him for what he has done and support him in the difficult task at hand.

This will be the true test of the manager and the team. There is much to learn about everyone in the next 2-3 weeks. Hopefully there is much more to get excited about.

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