Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tribe Calls It A Season

The Cleveland Indians had a team meeting sometime last weekend, took a vote, and decided they just didn't have the drive or the enthusiasm to finish the season.
You have to give this team credit though, as they could have phone it in but instead, they will stick it out and go through the motions;
  • Staring into space taking called third strikes
  • Throwing the ball around as runners advance and score
  • Botching routine defensive plays
  • Leaving pitches out over the heart of the plate
  • Swinging at worm burners with two strikes
  • And just a plain lackluster, lethargic, devil-may-care attitude to the game.

That must be what happened, right?

What else could explain the complete collapse of this team and the apparent lack of accountability by the players, manager, and front office?

The only way for the Cleveland Indians to make the post season is to win the division and they can't do that with their dismal record since the All-Star break. The way the season is shaping up, the American League Central will not have two playoff teams. Boston has been leading their division all season, but the red hot Yankees are positioned to take that lead away from them in the next few weeks. While Cleveland and Detroit are pretending, Boston and New York are contending. Minnesota is starting to heat up again as they always seem to do in the second half. They could easily surge past Cleveland and Detroit who are playing hot potato with the division lead. When the season is done, both Boston and New York will be in the playoffs...where does that leave Cleveland? It leaves them as spectators if they don't make strides immediately to win this division!

Lately, they don't show the heart or the drive and they are not being held accountable.

The stench coming from the clubhouse is the smell of spoiled cream pies.

If you listen closely, you can hear Rosanne Barr singing!

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