Saturday, August 11, 2007

Musings As The Yankees Score A Touchdown, 2-Point Conversion, and A Field Goal!

As the Indians allow the Yankees to continue to intimidate and torment them, and Indians fans continue to suffer through the humiliation, the following thoughts cannot be put out of my head:

Ryan Garko looks like Fred Flintstone with a hangover.

Aaron Fultz looks like Richard Dreyfus in "American Graffiti."

Are the Yankees really that good?

I am wondering if there is a record for most pop fly outs in a a series? I cannot recall any team that has swung at more high pitches and hit them striaght up in the air for easy outs as the Indians have done in these first two games of the current series.

Eric Wedge is quite the politician. He never gets upset, he always maintains his composure, and he always has a non-commital, politically correct answer for any question.
When asked Saturday evening how the team can stop their current slide of 10 losses in 14 home games (now 11 of 15) he replied, "There's not always an answer to the whys."

What if George Steinbrenner owned the Indians and Eric Wedge gave him that answer? Better yet, if Steinbrenner owned the Indians, how long do you think he would put up with this current slump in which the Indians have wasted numerous opportunities to run away with the division?


Bruce Drennan, of Sports Time Ohio's "All Bets Are Off," made the following on-air prediction:

"When George Bush leaves office, he will become the Commissioner of Major League Baseball!"

That makes me think of a couple of gnawing thoughts/predictions that are bouncing around inside my head...

At the conclusion of the season, despite how the Indians finish, Eric Wedge will be "promoted" (ala Buddy Bell in Kansas City) to the front office. This will be announced during the winter meetings in December. Who will manager the Indians?
There is a former Indians manager sitting in his driveway in Medina, Ohio revving his pickup truck engine ready to take over...Mike Hargrove will manage the Indians again.

Romeo Crennell will not make it past the 8th game of the season. An interim coach will be put in place and a regular coach will be named after the Superbowl...Bill Cower will coach the Cleveland Browns.

New York will take the Eastern Division away from the Red Sox and then lose in the first playoff round.

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