Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tribe Telecast Can't Score Either!

The collection of commercials that are telecast during an Indians’ game on STO are enough to make you turn off the sound on the TV and listen to the play-by-play on the radio. If you watch the games on STO, then the commercials listed below will ring familiar to you because they are repeated over and over and over again throughout the broadcast.
Here they are, my top 13 annoying commercials with one additional “Oldie” with dishonorable mention:

1. Conrad’s Tires – 4 tires in under 30 minutes and they whisper “Conrads!”
I think I hate this one the most because I had one of my worst-ever customer service experiences with them! They screwed up my car so bad, I had to take it to a dealership to get it fixed right. They couldn’t give me 4 tires in 30 days! Furthermore, when I wanted to complain to Bob Conrad, you know, the guy in the commercial with the blue Conrad’s shirt, they told me there was no Bob Conrad! This company truly sucks!
2 and 3. Alltel – They have the 2 most annoying ads;
“Fluffy” – Lady questions Chad about changing wireless plans
“Meltdown” – 4 losers want Chad to take them out of his circle
If they were the only cell phone provider, I would do without!

4, 5, and 6. Continental Airlines – 3 very annoying ads;
“Bye Bye!” – Throwing things off the plane, including stewardess Julie
“Taking Things Away” – Removing blankets, pillows, etc. from flyers
“Speaking Internationally” – Guy with language book gets slapped
You can count on seeing all 3 ads about 6 times each per game!

7. Ohio Lottery “2nd Chance” – Strike 3, you’re NOT out!
They should have used A.J. Pierzynski advancing to first base with the “alleged” dropped third strike in the 2005 playoffs vs. the Angels!
8. All Bets Are Off - Bruce Drennan’s “I love ya, Cleveland!”
...Not so sure Cleveland feels the same about Bruce!

9. This Week In Baseball – “This is how we do it!”
Yeah, over and over again…Update it! It’s old and annoying!

10. Toyota – Keys falling from the sky…really stupid!

11. McDonalds – “Hey, guy from work I don’t really know.”
This was somewhat humorous the first 200 times!

12. Pizza Hut P’zones – “They’re so big!”
3 guys pigging out on fatty, over 1 lb. Calzones…Barf!

13. LaBatt’s Blue – Deer giving a guy shit about shopping instead of hunting in the woods…Soooooo stupid!

And, not too long ago, we had to endure:
Subway – “That coupon better be for me, Phil!”
Same actor plays both guys on a news desk, breaking news about a Subway coupon.
Bad hair, bad suits, bad ties, bad acting, …it was always a good time to go take a leak when it was on!

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