Thursday, August 9, 2007

Up Late, Taking In A Loss (6-4 from Chicago) in 13 Innings

Thoughts, as the Indians waste a win late into the night...

Jobu, he will come...He will wake up bats!
This guy needs to go away!

Umpire Bruce Froemming hopefully has blown his last call Wednesday night! Did you see it? Obviously he didn't!

It hurts to lose...
Let's not make this Indian guy cry anymore!
Don't litter either, that really upsets him!

Did anyone miss
Aaron Fultz when
he was on the DL?
I didn't...especially after tonight!

Manager Eric Wedge sets his line-up Wednesday night!

Can the Tribe bats wake-up in time to support Laffey, beat the Chisox, and ready themselves for the weekend Yankee invasion at the Jake?

Bobble Head Boy says, "YES!"

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