Friday, August 3, 2007

Will Somebody In The Indians' Organization Please Get Mad As Hell?!

When is someone going to get "MAD AS HELL?!"

It is very easy to say, "Hey, this team is only one-half game out of first place and in the lead for the wild card spot, why be so hard on them?"

The truth is that an abundance of opportunities have slipped away. A team with a winning attitude and the burning desire to win it all would not allow this complacency to continue.

Looking at this team from a business standpoint, recent misfortunes must be turned around immediately. To let the manager say that there are 162 games and a whole season to consider while critical games slip away to the loss column is business irresponsible. What would have happened in 2005 if we turned just one loss into a win? If Eric Wedge does not think that each game is critical, especially at this point in the season, then he is sadly mistaken. Additionally, the fan base is becoming extremely intolerant of the missed opportunities and the feeble excuses.

Where is G.M. Mark Shapiro?

The waiver trading deadline has passed and I agree with him that the Indians can win with the present talent on this team. However, "can win" and 'will win" are distinctly different and are driven by accountability.

Is there anyone that would disagree that this team is not playing to their full capacity? The bar is set too low and as a team, they are under performing without consequences.

If I am a pitcher, I have to start a game thinking "perfect game." If I give up a walk, I have to think "no hitter." If I give up a hit, I have to think "one hitter" and so on. Same with a fielder or a hitter. Is it realistic? Of course not. Is it a winning attitude that may deliver high performance? Absolutely.

Where are the Dolans?

They have a small market team/payroll that is not only contending, but is wasting many opportunities to be running away with the divisional championship.

Somebody in the Indians' organization needs to get "Mad As Hell" and take control of the immediate future and fortunes of this team.

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