Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Strange, But True...

Just when you thought every strange and unusual set of circumstances has taken place and in some way, positively or negatively affected this Cleveland Indians' baseball season, another freaky occurrence takes place. From snowing out our opening weekend, moving home games to other cities, to taking a run off of the scoreboard, this team has had to fight back natural and unnatural happenstances.
But you know, these occurrences are not limited to just the 2007 season. Let's take a look back, say 75 years ago today to August 28th, 1932. There was a much anticipated total solar eclipse of the sun due to commence on August 31, 1932. From eager anticipation and excitement to extreme fear and terror, this eclipse held the attention of most of the world.

Actual photo of the August 31, 1932 eclipse.

Actual sales ad for "Special Eye Protection" from the eclipse of August 31, 1932. This was an advertisement for the New England area that would be most affected by the solar eclipse.

Map charting the actual path and times of the solar eclipse of August 31, 1932.

So, what does this have to do with the Cleveland Indians? Well, on August 28th, 1932, the Boston Red Sox moved their game at Fenway Park with the Cleveland Indians from August 31st to the 28th, causing a double header and relieving their fans and the teams of any ill effects of the eclipse. The Red Sox and Indians split the double header. On the 31st, as predicted, the skies above Fenway Park darkened for over 20 minutes.

Strange but true!

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