Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Folks Are Keepin' Your Fans From Livin' The High Life!

Common sense has taken a holiday at Jacobs Field!
After the Cleveland Indians lost to the Detroit Tigers 2-1 this evening, the concession department of Jacob's Field was paid a visit by the famous Miller High Life beer driver. As he removed Miller Beer completely from the Jake, he had the following comments to share with anyone in earshot:
"A .266 team batting average, ya all lost your privilege to sell the High Life!"
"940 strike outs as a team, common sense most definitely on holiday when you fellas at bat!"
"4 wins in your last 10 games with the pitchin' ya all been gettin', are you for real?"
"Mess with the High Life and the High Life mess with you...three dollars and fifty cents for a bag of peanuts...ya all must be crazy!"

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