Saturday, August 11, 2007

"They Put Their Pants On One Leg At A Time Just Like We Do, Don't They?"

"Someday, we're gonna figure out how to beat those guys!"

James Gammon as Indians manager Lou Brown in the movie "Major League" speaks of figuring out how to beat the Yankees. In the movie, Art was immitating life, then they figured it out.

Sacrifice a chicken, call in "Wild Thing," give Jobu rum? What can the Indians do to win against the storied New York Yankees?

Well, scoring one run on four hits with one walk and eleven strike outs won't get it done.

Perhaps extra batting practice, a team meeting, and a strategy would position the Indians to win tonight...and even tomorrow.

Yes, they could do it. There really wasn't a moment last night that they could not have climbed right back into the game. They left four runners on base, two in scoring position. That's not as many as they usually leave on base but a few more timely hits would have made the game closer, could have even won it.

The Yankees had a well-documented strategy and executed it last night. They knew that the Indian's pitching would be tough but their offense was struggling. They executed a strategy that had them score early and hold the lead. They executed it to perfection.

Get some batting practice, develop a strategy, communicate it, agree on it, execute it, slay the demons!

The Yankees aren't as good as they are hot right now. They are certainly beatable with an executable plan and an injection of confidence. Life immitates Art. Figure it out.

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