Friday, August 17, 2007

“Is This Heaven?”…“No, It’s August!”

Let’s see:
The weather is in the high 80’s everyday and there has been just enough rain at all the right times.
When it does rain, it is a great time to wash the car!
The thought of bringing along a coat or sweater never enters your mind.
The sky is so blue you have to squint your eyes just to look at it.
You can smell the produce ripening on the vine as you drive down the road.
Kids are having so much fun that the start of a new school year seems a lifetime away.
Often between the constant bite of crappie and bluegill is a lunker largemouth bass.
Backyard campfires smell so sweet.
Sunrises and sunsets become beautiful paintings in your mind.
The sweet corn, peaches, green beans, melons, and other fresh roadside fruits and vegetables are at their peak in delicious flavor.
All 6 divisions in baseball have raging battles going on for first place.
Best of all, the Cleveland Indians are in first place.
Is this heaven?
No, it’s August!

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