Friday, August 31, 2007

Indian Summer!


The Tribe is on Fire! They have won their season best 7 in a row, 8 out of 10, 12 out of 15, and lead the Central Division by 5.5 games!
The attendance tonight at the Jake was 38,225 faithful and they were treated to a fabulous pitchers duel that turned into 5 runs for the White Sox and then 8 unaswered runs by the Tribe!

Once again, Kenny Lofton came to bat with the bases loaded and two outs. What did he do? He walked again for the second consecutive night in the same situation! This time, he tied the game and then scored on Casey Blake's game-winning, 3 run double! (The 2-out rally was kept alive when Ryan Garko received a little help when his sure-out-grounder-to-short hit the lip of the infield grass and jumped into left field for a single!)

Baseball Fever is alive and well once again in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 38,000+ fans went home happy and were also treated to a fabulous fireworks display after the game! Ninth Street was rockin'!

The only tense moment
was when umpire John
Hirschbeck went down
with a foul tip off of the
upper right leg above the
shin protector.
John shook off the injury
only to suffer another foul
ball to the right shoulder an
inning later.
He will be sore but back on
the field again tomorrow

Fausto Carmona was again denied win #15 as he was embroiled in a tense pitcher's duel with Mark Buehrle. The Sox scored 5 runs and knocked Fausto out of the game but his teammates returned the favor with 8 runs and a hard fought team victory! Sterling plays in the field by both teams robbed many a batter of hits and extra bases. This was truly an enjoyable game as the Tribe never quit attitude enabled them to score often with two outs!

Don't look now, but Indian Summer is upon us...soak it up!

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