Monday, June 16, 2008

The World Series That Should Have Been…

Beginning Tuesday night in Colorado, The Rockies host the Indians in a three-game series, a match up that should have taken place last October. Well, we all know that Terry Francona and his team had different ideas. So we can only imagine what could have, or should have been. But what about the immediate future?

(The Indians have played one more game to date than the Rockies.)

The Indians have scored 320 runs to the Rockies 291.
The Rockies have 611 hits to the Indians 577.
The Indians have hit 67 home runs to the Rockies 58.
The Indians have 308 RBIs to the Rockies 278.
The Indians have walked 235 to the Rockies 236.
The Indians have struck out 478 times to the Rockies 491.
The Rockies have an OBP of .326 to the Indians .324.
The Rockies have a SLG % of .398 to the Indians .391.
The Rockies are .10 percentage points better in batting, .256 to .246.
The Indians have 33 wins to the Rockies 28.
The Indians ERA is 4.07 to the Rockies 4.73.
The Rockies have given up 67 home runs to the Indians 76.
The Indians have walked only 200 batters to the Rockies 262.
The Indians have struck out 436 batters to the Rockies 413.
The Indians have turned 80 double plays to the Rockies 73.
The two teams have an identical fielding percentage of .987.
I like the Indians chances to sweep, or win two of three in this series. We would have won the World Series in 6 games.

For Tuesday night…
Paul Byrd has an ERA of 4.89 with a 3-6 record. Lefties hit .372 vs. him and righties .241. In 13 games, Byrd has walked 9, struck out 26, and given up 17 home runs.
Greg Reynolds has an ERA of 6.69 with a 1-4 record. Lefties hit .312 vs. him and righties .211. In 7 games, Reynolds has walked 21, struck out 9, and given up 9 home runs.

Paul Byrd has been two different pitchers this season, sometimes in the same game. Byrd must keep the ball in the park against this team. I think “good” Paul shows up tomorrow night and pitches a gem as the Tribe wins 9-3!

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