Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"It Seems There Are Those Who Don't Think Much Of Our Chances..."

“It’s June 10th and we’re 29 and 35.
We have 98 games left to play.
The way I figure it,
we’re gonna need 61 more wins to make the playoffs.
So, every time we win, we peel off a section.”

That means we need to reach;
41 wins by the end of June
56 wins by the end of July
74 wins by the end of August
90 wins by the end of September

We can control our own destiny by playing .622 ball!
That means the coaching staff coaches…DURING THE GAMES!
That means the no-hitting and no-pitching excuses stop now!
That means you play like champions and find a way to win…every day!
Just do it!

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