Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tribe’s Rocket Is On Track!

Despite a poor showing on Saturday night, the Indians won the weekend series from the Padres and stayed on track for 90 wins!

9/28...90 wins
9/21...86 wins
9/14...83 wins
9/7.....78 wins
8/31...74 wins
8/24...71 wins
8/17...67 wins
8/10...63 wins
8/3.....59 wins
7/31...56 wins
7/27...54 wins
7/13...48 wins
7/6.....45 wins
6/30...41 wins
6/22...37 wins
6/15....33 wins
6/12....31 wins

Did the White Sox win?
Did we gain any ground on them?
Who cares, with the hole we dug ourselves early on this season, the only way to make the playoffs is to take our destiny into our own hands.
That is exactly what the Tribe did this afternoon. Ben Francisco grew up watching Greg Maddux dominate hitters. If Francisco was in awe of Maddux, he sure didn’t let on as he hit a three-run home run off of him in the bottom of the third inning today to put the Indians ahead for good. Reigning Cy Young winner C.C. Sabathia also seemed unfazed to face 4-time Cy Young winner Maddux as he pitched 8 strong innings for the win. This was exactly the gutsy type of game the Indians can, and need to play each and every day.

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