Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting Warmer, Getting Warmer...

The Indians have scored 35 runs over the past three games but don’t think for one minute that all is right again. Texas scored 30 runs in those same three games. A redistribution of runs and we could be 1-2 instead of 2-1 in those three games.
This is a good hitting Texas team. Could you imagine if they had our pitching?
Better yet, could you imagine if we had their hitting?

Were you worried about Cliff Lee busting a blood vessel last night? Geez Cliff, chill out! A bad call on balls and strikes allowed the game to be tied last night in the bottom of the 5th inning. Lee finished the inning and went on a little tirade in the dugout. With the look on his face, it is probably a good thing that firearms are not permitted in the ballpark for Cliff's sake. As it was, his team came back to retake the lead and preserve his 9th win of the season. Maybe the tirade was just what the team needed!
We need to win this game tonight to take the series from Texas and be “tuned-up” for the next four games in Tiger Town. If we can hit Detroit pitching and keep their bats under wraps, then we could possibly show signs of coming out of this season-long funk we have been in.
It is C.C. vs. Kevin Millwood tonight. Tough match up but the Tribe should win it.

What is up with Milton Bradley? He obviously still has an axe to grind with the Indians and specifically manager Eric Wedge. His taunting of the Cleveland dugout after each of his walks or hits is so unprofessional and very childish. Victor Martinez for one has had enough of these antics and David Dellucci was quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as wondering why players that do not respect the game are even in the lineup.
Look for further Milton Bradley antics to possibly cause issues tonight. You have to give manager Eric Wedge full support for ridding the Indians of this selfish player. As talented as Bradley is, he has pretty much worn out his welcome with most major league teams.
Note to Dellucci; Be cool tonight, your bat has spoken for you and you are in a better place for it. However, if things get out of hand in Texas tonight, I would want David Dellucci on my side of any melee!

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