Friday, June 6, 2008

Two Out Of Four Ain’t Bad…

It ain’t good but it ain’t bad, it’s .500 ball and we haven’t been playing that for some time now.
The most disturbing factor of the last 4 games was to see Milton Bradley take apart Indians’ pitching, not to mention his flaunting and taunting that went along with it. There is no denying that this is a very talented player who, as he hooks up with different teams since having his butt kicked out of Cleveland by manager Eric Wedge in 2004, loves to rub it in as he passes the Cleveland dugout. We just aren’t sure what uniform he will do it in next. How hard would it have been to take Bradley out of the game(s) with an inside pitch or two, or ten? It is too bad that Milton’s brand of baseball includes a lack of hustle, not running out ground balls, and a selfish attitude. His off-field problems are troublesome as well. As much as the Indians could use a solid outfielder with a big stick like Bradley, He is not a good fit for this team or this manager. There needs to be one manager, not 26. This team went deep into the playoff last season without Milton Bradley. Perhaps next year they can go deeper without compromising the makeup and ideals of the team on a Milton Bradley type player. I commend Eric Wedge and the Indians’ organization for not bending on their values.
Good news?
Not much other than the constantly repeated Alltel commercials on STO may improve with the merger of Alltel with Verizon. Now, if we could just get rid of “Todd” for the Caesar’s Windsor casino ad or the Labatt’s beer bottles swimming up stream in (it’s pronounced) Canada. The “new arrival” airplane for Continental was cute, the first 250 times it was aired.
How about Coco Crisp mixing it up with the Rays? Don’t you just love the Rays playing for 1st place in the East? Is that all it took was to shed “Devil” from their team name?...Hmm.
Well, tonight should be interesting to say the least when the Tribe motors into Detroit. It could be a replay of the Texas series depending upon whose hitters and pitchers show up. I truly wish Eric and the boys could “find themselves” quicker.

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