Saturday, June 28, 2008

In The Right Place?

"Well, it's not where you want to be," Wedge said Thursday before Cleveland salvaged a victory in a three-game interleague series against San Francisco. "But it is only late June and there is a long way to go. I look at how many games back we are rather than the standings.
"We have one great week and people will be asking different questions."

Is Eric Wedge in the right career?

He must be. To be in last place on June 28th after coming sooooo close to the World Series the previous season, he maintains a day to day approach to this disappointing season. In fact, his sense of urgency, if he has one, is completely disguised by his even and calm disposition.

What if Wedge had decided to take a different career?

"Good morning, I am Dr. Eric Wedge and I will be removing your appendix today or tomorrow, or maybe even next month. We don't want to rush these things. It's all about the preparation and not the results."

"Good afternoon, I would like to begin this meeting of the board. Our company is coming off of a big year in 2007 where our production was up over 18.7%. 2008 is disappointing as we find ourselves down 21.7%, year to date. But as we have said, it's all about the preparation and not the results. I am sure as shareholders you all may not agree with this approach but we will keep after it."

"Good morning, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard our non-stop flight. Every preparation has been made to ensure you reach your final destination. We are experiencing heavy turbulence and we are off schedule as a result. But please remember, this is not about results but how well we prepared. So relax and sit back as I am confident we can get things turned around. It's going to happen soon, I just don't know when."

Where else can the person in charge be given so much latitude on performance than in baseball? After all, success is measured on a rate of 3 hits out of 10 chances.

Regardless, it is still going to take about 90 wins to get into the playoffs and Wedge is losing valuable time in this season. With each loss and combination of losses, the odds grow more and more difficult. Currently, the Indians are on track to win only 75 games.

Yet Wedge speaks of having a great week to turn the fortunes around of this team and change the questions sports writers and fans ask.

So, keep stroking your rabbit's foot. But think about this...What if the focus on preparation also included accountability to results?

This team is capable of much more and the window of opportunity is quickly closing.

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