Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sign Him Now!

''This is my team,'' Sabathia said. ''I've been with them my whole career, but it's out of my hands. Hopefully, I'm going to be here with my friends, the guys I grew up with.''

C.C. Sabathia showcased himself yesterday and showed why he was the Cy Young award winner for the American League and a leader on this Indians team. Sabathia pitched 7 strong innings giving up 1 run on 5 hits and striking out 10. With his solo home run to deep right field, he represented the only offense for the Indians until the top of the 11th inning. C.C. says he doesn’t care about not getting the win, what he says he cares about is getting the win for the team.

C.C. Sabathia must be signed by the Cleveland Indians now. Whatever it takes, just do it. Take the $56M naming rights for Progressive Field and give it to him, take up a collection from every fan, whatever it takes, just do it.

Sabathia is the heart of this team and although emotional decisions should not weigh into contract negotiation, let’s get emotional and sign him.

Not only is he the leader and spokesman for the team, he is fair minded. Sign him now!

The conversation could go like this;

Shapiro - “C.C., what do you want?”
C.C. (with agent at his side) – “ I want a long term contract, say six years.”
Shapiro – “We want to give you the security you desire and we are prepared to offer you a three year deal now with an option fourth year. Of course the usual performance bonuses and post season incentives will be in effect. Please read the fine print. We are prepared to offer you $XX million for the first year, $XX in year two, $XX in three, and $XX in the option fourth year. Please take your time and consider this and get back to me.”
C.C. – “I am prepared to sign now. This is my team. I want to play my career in Cleveland. This organization has been good to me and your offer is generous. I am IN the Tribe.”
Shapiro – “Sign here.”

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Carsten Charles Sabathia

C.C., We love you, man. It’s time to get emotional! A player of your talent, coupled with your character and integrity are rare.

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