Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Do You Like The Season so Far?

Well, that kinda sums things up. Here we are, with almost 45% of the season behind us and we are 5 games under 500, 6.5 games behind Chicago.

Coaching can be summed up as, "Can you hear me now?"

Our boys of summer got off on the wrong foot and have found it difficult to get back in step.

The Cleveland fans, realists that they are, refuse to take a rose-colored view of the team to date (and rightfully so).

However, they are not about to kiss the entire season goodbye.

There has been plenty of excitement, mostly supplied by the use of the maple bats.

And the injuries that have plagued the team to date have allowed an army of new bodies to quickly march in.

And often there is something to raise our spirits, so...

As always, we will expect the unexpected.

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