Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a Crazy Game!

Last night’s game between the Cleveland Indians and the Baltimore Orioles was sheer entertainment. It started with the Indians staking starting pitcher Fausto Carmona to a 5 run lead that would not last. There were missed tags and phantom tags that brought out the managers on both sides at different times. There was an incredibly humorous rundown that went our way. Remember, last year we played Baltimore here in Cleveland during the famous “run added to the scoreboard two innings later” game. Back to 2008…Carmona went one out into the 7th inning with a 7-3 lead. He then walked two batters, loaded the bases with a single, then gave up a run scoring single that kept the bases loaded. With the score now 7-4, Carmona was relieved by Edward Mujica. Yes, the same pitcher that gave up 7 runs in his last three games, accounting for two and two thirds innings pitched. The phrase, “You gotta be shitting me” could be heard echoing across northeast Ohio! So what does ‘Ed of Dread” do? He simply gives up a 3 run triple and then a run scoring sacrifice fly to make the score 8-7 Orioles. Then he induces Aubrey Huff to strike out swinging for the 3rd out. For the moment, Mujica is the pitcher of record on the losing end.
But this Indians team was not to be denied last night. In the bottom of the 7th, the Tribe scores 3 runs to take the lead back at 10-8, positioning Mujica for the win. Shin-Soo Choo led off the inning with another one of his patented doubles off of the right field wall. Ryan Garko moves Choo the 3rd with a single. Kelly Shoppach pinch hits for Sal Fasano and hits a fielder’s choice that catches Choo flat footed off of 3rd base. As the throw goes to catcher Ramone Hernandez, he proceeds to run Choo back to 3rd base but in the process, he fails to make a throw. Choo, who was a dead duck, gets back to 3rd and as Hernandez applies a tag, he pushes Choo off of the base. The umpire rules Choo safe and the bases are loaded. That play right there was worth the price of admission!The Tribe scores 3 runs to make it 10-8 Tribe. Mujica now stands to win the game! In the bottom of the 8th, the Tribe scores 3 more runs to preserve the Mujica win at 13-8.
Worth mentioning is the fact that this Indians team has won 4 game in a row and is playing much more up to their potential. This may hold off the lynching party for Wedge and Shapiro for a while, although not with me.

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