Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's More Than Enough!

Have you had enough of these morons?????

Bring on the firing squad, if for only humanitarian reasons!

And please, no blindfold or cigarette for Shapiro!

How does your bullpen give up 10 runs in two games?

Betancourt might as well have told Longoria what and where he was going to throw to him...3 times in a row last night! Longoria hit the first two pitches deep and foul, only to homer on the third one!

Mujica and Kobayashi come into today's game with a 3 run lead in the bottom of the 9th with gasoline! They gave up 3 runs apiece without either one of them recording the first out of the inning! What, have we regressed back to the 70's? How does a team go from first to worst in a matter of 10 months??????????

Scrap the lot of the bullpen, manager, and general manager and start over...NOW!

Absolutely intolerable for a professional team!

If the league had a living and breathing commissioner, perhaps there could be intervention! What an embarrassment! It is a reminder of when the NBA office took control of all of the Cavaliers transactions and league approval was mandatory to sell a hot dog!

Something must be done immediately!
It is long past time for the Dolan's to get off of their derrieres!

Do SOMETHING or sell the team!

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