Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So, If the Season Ended Yesterday…

Let’s say that the season ended yesterday.
The Rays, White Sox, and Angels would be winners in the American League with the Red Sox capturing the wild card.
The Phillies, Cubs, and Diamondbacks would be winners in the National League with the Brewers capturing the wild card.
The ALDS and the NLDS playoffs would probably look something like this, noting that same-division rivals do not meet in the divisional round:

Rays vs. Angels
(Do the seasoned Angels put down a Rays uprising? Probably, the Angels belong in the ALCS.)

White Sox vs. Red Sox
(Can Junior and team beat the Manny-less Red Sox? I hope so!)

Phillies vs. Cubs
(Would the Cubs ride out the Phillies?)

Diamondbacks vs. Brewers
(Do the Brewers show they are not snake bit and get by the Diamondbacks? Oh yeah, CC and Casey to the rescue!)

White Sox vs. Angels
(Ohhh, a return to the dropped 3rd strike!)

Brewers vs. Cubs
(The Brew Crew goes bottoms up!)

World Series
Cubs vs. White Sox
(All Chicago series!)

Cubs and Lou beat the curse!

How do you see it?

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