Sunday, August 3, 2008

Manny Being...Somebody Else?

Who is this guy? He wears #99 because all the other numbers he wanted were taken and he's OK with that! Manny Ramirez made his debut this weekend and he splashed on the scene in a bath of Dodger Blue! Now, he vows to cut off his dreadlocks because "They got some rules here and I don't want to be treated differently than anybody else. You've got to follow the rules" said Manny. Who are you and what did you do with Manny Ramirez?!

Through 6.5 innings today, Manny is 3 for 3 or, through August as a Dodger, Manny is 7 for 11...that's .636 with 2 homers!

This is another "rebirth" for Manny. He had one when he left the Indians over 100 years ago to help Boston overcome an 86 year old curse and win the World Series, not to mention being named MVP. Another World Series victory and he's bored again. Time to 'Manny" along and help out old "friend" Joe Torre. Ramirez is a very talented and colorful ball player. Love him or not, he will help make this season much more interesting.

If you haven't noticed, The Dodgers could begin to run away with the weak National League West Division. Manny will be sure to be a big part of that run.

As we enter August, look at the divisions and the wild card possibilities. It would be quicker to count the teams not in contention for a division or a wild card playoff spot (unfortunately like Cleveland).

In the American League, Tampa Bay is making a statement that they belong. There are two teams that figure in tampering with that statement, the Yankees and Red Sox. The Twins and the White Sox are in a free-for-all. The Angels are comfortably in first place but Texas is hanging around still as a wild card long shot. If Oakland didn't trade their team away before losing 6 straight, they would have surely been a wild card contender...what is that about?

In the National League, the Phillies, Marlins (ugh!) and Mets are in a dog fight. The Cubs are looking good but the Brewers and Cards are pesky enough to stay in it. The Diamondbacks will have to play better than 4 games over .500 to hold off the Dodgers who are heating up.

This is "old fashioned" baseball in a modern day time frame. Even if your team isn't in it (or has not been since about May...Cleveland Indians), it is baseball and it is shaping up for a great stretch run in all divisions. Think of the World Series possible match ups...Cubs vs. Rays (new Lou team vs. old Lou team), Red Sox vs. Dodgers (new Manny team vs. old Manny team), Dodgers vs. Yankees (new Joe team vs. old Joe team), Rays vs. Marlins (FLA vs. FLA), Brewers vs. Twins (dueling domes while the snow flies), White Sox vs. Cubs (the Ozzie and Lou show), and so on. There is no game like baseball...enjoy the ride!

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