Wednesday, August 27, 2008


After accomplishing 30 stolen bases and 30 home runs by August 25th, is it possible for Grady Sizemore to finish the 2008 season as only the 5th 40/40 man in MLB history?

Yes, here is how...

Going into tonight's game, Sizemore has 34 stolen bases and 31 home runs in 127 games. He is stealing a base every 3.735 games and hitting a home run every 4.097 games.

At that rate, providing he plays the 31 games the Indians have remaining, he is on track to steal 42 bases and hit 38.5 home runs for the season.

So, he needs to pick up the pace slightly on home runs to one in every 3.444 games.

If the Indians continue their winning ways, it will afford Grady a few more at bats to make this more than possible. What a great accomplishment this would be. What a tribute to this team if Grady makes 40/40, Cliff Lee wins the A.L. Cy Young, and CC Sabathia wins the N.L. Cy Young!

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