Sunday, September 16, 2007

Indian Summer...Yes, With Snowballs And Everything!

On Wednesday, September 26th, the Indians and the Mariners will play a double-header in Seattle in order to make up the last game from their 4-game home opener in Cleveland that was snowed out on Monday, April 9th.
How bizarre is this season?
So game one that day (starting at 7:05 PM Cleveland time) will be a “home” game for the Indians! Well, what jerseys should they wear; white, blue, or the softball looking white sleeveless with the blue shirt underneath? Between games they will obviously need to change into their “away” grays.
But, is this the end of the snow-outs for the 2007 season?
Based on this weekend in Cleveland with temperatures beginning at game time in the high 50’s and dipping into the high 40’s at game’s end, the possibility of reaching the playoffs and getting snowed out again is not too remote!
What a fitting punctuation mark to this crazy, crazy season; all 4 games from the 4-game home opener snowed out and rescheduled… three in Cleveland and one in Seattle, the very next 3-game Cleveland home series (April 10th – 12th) vs. the Los Angeles Angels moved to Milwaukee because it kept snowing and the Jacobs Field ground crew couldn’t get dug out, the umpire crew on April 28th adding a run (for Baltimore) to the scoreboard three innings later (right or wrong, it’s still bizarre), Casey Blake getting hit by a pitch but receives a called strike because the ball allegedly hit the bat… what a fun, nutty season! What else can happen?
A snowed-out, or a game hindered by snow in any part of October is not out of the question.
On Sunday, October 8th, 2000, this area was dumped on by a freaky lake affect snow as a cold blast passed over warm Lake Erie. The wet, heavy snow accumulated to 3 inches on the east side of town, knocking out power in many areas for up to 8 hours. Who can forget Omar Vizquel warming his hands in the dugout during the 1995 World Series in Cleveland as light snow was falling and temperatures were in the mid 30’s during one of the games.
However, now that we have talked about it, we will probably enjoy sunny, warm weather in Cleveland through all of the playoff and World Series games…played here!
Indian Summer continues!

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