Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clinch At Home? "I See It Happening!"

Wouldn't it be great if the Indians could clinch the Central Division at home? with 5 home games left in the regular season and the magic number at 7, it would be pretty tough. If the Tribe sweeps Detroit, the magic number would go down to 3 with 3 games left. Then it could be accomplished with a combination of wins by the Tribe and losses by the Tigers.
Well, I decided to get a little help from Zoltar. I put my 4 quarters in the slot (even Zoltar's prices have gone up) and out popped a card that said, "This feat will be accomplished!" I was thrilled as I walked away, but there was a little snicker from Zoltar that turned into a belly-laugh. So, I reached back into my pocket only to discover I was out of quarters. That's O.K., Zoltar now takes credit cards! Inserting the card with the stripe up and to the left, I asked again, "Are you sure, with only five home games left, will the Tribe clinch at home?" The response was more emphatic..."Do not question the power of Zoltar, your team will clinch during a home game!" Cool! I was happy as I walked away...but there was that belly-laugh again! What was it that old Zolty wasn't telling me? Was he just trying to keep my credit card or did he have some more enlightenment? Well, I had to find out so, once more, stripe up and to the left, I asked, "Which home game?" The response was even more direct, "The last "home" game!" Alright, that pretty much said it, but listening to his laugh again, and looking at the card, I noticed "home" in quotations. Once again, stripe up and to the left, I asked, "Specify the date, please." His response was, "September 26th!....Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

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