Monday, September 3, 2007

Eric “Swami” Wedge

Perhaps Cleveland Indians Manager Eric Wedge is hiding a crystal ball in his office. After all, he professed that the 5-week offensive slump his team just got over was a “concern” but not “critical” at the time. How were we supposed to know that he knew that the Tigers would fold? How did he know that Seattle would stumble in their quest for the Wild Card spot, that Minnesota would fail to put another stretch run together? While his team was “finding” themselves, the Tigers, Mariners, and Twins were "losing" themselves.
Here is to manager Eric Wedge. Though he hasn’t won anything yet, he certainly maintained nerves of steel and the patience of Job during his team’s 5-week offensive zoning out.
So with 4 weeks left, what are the chances that the Indians can win the division?
The Indians are 78-58 @.574 with 26 games remaining.
The Tigers are 73-64 @.533 with 25 games remaining.
If the Indians play .500 for their remaining games (not likely), the Tigers would have to win 18 of their 25 games to catch them. That would be a .720 clip…(not likely at all).
The Indians have 9 home and 17 away games remaining.
The Tigers have 16 home and 9 away games remaining.
The Indians are .620 at home and .556 away.
The Tigers are .523 at home and .563 away.
If those percentages hold true over the next 4 weeks, the Indians would finish at 92-70 and the Tigers would finish at 88-74, 4 games behind the Indians…(much more likely, not a lock but more likely).
If Eric Wedge were standing in front of me at the ticket window at Northfield Park or Thistledown horse racing tracks, or at the grocery store buying lottery tickets, I would be paying very close attention!

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