Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can't Sleep!!!

As the Indians broke Spring Training, if someone would have asked you how comfortable you would be with 2 weeks of the season remaining and the Indians in first place ahead of the Tigers by 4.5 games, what would you have said?
It is and has been a great season but isn’t this killing you?
I gotta know what’s gonna happen now!
OK, let’s calm down, take a deep breath, and analyze this…deep breaths, big deep breaths…good!
With two weeks left, the Indians have 13 remaining games and the Tigers have 12.
The Indians have 6 home games and 7 away.
The Tigers have 6 home and 6 away games.
The Indians record stands at 87-62 .584
The Tigers record stands at 83-67 .553
The Indians play 3 vs. Detroit, 3 vs. Oakland, 4 at Seattle, and 3 at Kansas City.
The Indians are 24-15 .615 vs. these teams this season.
The Tigers play 3 at Cleveland, 3 vs. Kansas City, 3 vs. Minnesota, and 3 at Chicago.
The Tigers are 30-29 .508 vs. these teams this season.
If that same pattern holds true, the Indians will win 8 of their remaining 13 games and the Tigers will win 7 of their remaining 12 games.
That means the Tigers will finish the season at 90-72 .556 and the Indians will finish at 95-67 .586, winning the division!
Feel better now?
I do!
I think!!
Well, the Tigers are coming to town tomorrow!
They are probably here right now, prowling the streets of downtown Cleveland…that could be a good thing!
I’m just trying to figure out how to go to sleep tonight.
Here’s a thought…The Tigers have to win and watch how the Indians perform in the win/loss column.
The Indians just have to win and control their own destiny!
O.K., I feel better, (Yawn)…Goodnight!

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