Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Wedge-Way!

Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge deserves hardy congratulations for bringing the American League Central Crown back to Cleveland in 2007. Second guessed and criticized for his low key style of management, Wedge had a plan and stuck with it. He demonstrates much patience with his players while leading them daily with a never give up attitude.
Out of character, Wedge admittedly worked hard with his extraordinary bunch to successfully clinch the division title during the final home stand. On Sunday, September 23, the last home game of the season, Wedge delivered that gift to the fans and the city of Cleveland in a classic effort.
Thanks, Eric...We are counting on you to take us all the way!


davemanddd said...

i'm sorry but i still feel that the indians win in spite of eric "the genius" wedge and not because of him, but they almost always lose because of some dumb decision of his like pitching to a-rod, jack cust, alex rios, et al, with men on base and first base open, starting mike "the louse" rouse in place of jhonny peralta against cincinnati, playing trot "the rot" nixon instead of franklin guiterrez simply because a right-hander was pitching, etc. he completely disdains using the sacrifice bunt as a valuable part of the game and the lack of basic fundamentals shown by this club all year is a tell-tale sign of a manager who doesn't know how to properly control the every-day, in-game operation of a team and their continued failure to perform some of the simplest tasks in obvious situations like bunting, running the bases and taking pitches is something that just can't be overlooked simply because the team is winning. now don't get me wrong. i really want the indians to win a championship, but i really wouldn't be surprised if they don't when they have wedge as their manager and he makes some dumb decision which contributes to them not going very far in the playoffs. i hope he proves me wrong though. we can only hope.

Big Daddy said...

Thanks for the comment and thanks for rooting for the Tribe. I, too have been
very critical of Wedge, especially when he didn't seem to be taking any action
when his offense practically disappeared. Luckily for him and the fans, the
Tigers had their own problems as well at the same time. I like to think that
this season has been a great learning experience for Wedge. As you say, we will
At this time in the season, we should take time to savor the championship and possibly give Wedge a "little" pat on the back?
Enjoy the fun and thanks again for the comments!