Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hats Off To Carston Charles!

O.K., here’s how the season finishes for Cleveland Indians ace C.C. Sabathia;
With a record of 17 and 7, he is scheduled to pitch on 9/14 vs. Kansas City, 9/19 vs. Detroit, 9/26 @ Seattle, and the season finale on 9/30 @Kansas City. That is four more starts with a chance to reach 20 wins.
But wait, what if the Indians, with a magic number down to 15, clinch the division prior to C.C.’s last start? Manager Eric Wedge has said that if that happens, he will pull C.C. from his final start to have him pitch two games in the first round of the playoff. So, the scenario could become that C.C. fore goes a 20 game season to help his team advance in the playoffs.
This is the same C.C. that has been robbed of at least 3 victories in August because of an offensive slump by his team mates.
This is the same C.C. that has been giving up an average of under 3 runs per game and maintaining an ERA under 2.00 since the All-Star break and when asked about the lack of run support responded that he only cares that his team wins and gets to the playoffs.
This is the same C.C. that has earned even more respect from his team mates with his unselfish approach to helping his team reach the playoffs.
Cleveland is a small market team. They don’t (yet) get the exposure that Boston’s Josh Beckett or New York’s Chien-Ming Wang receive. But when you look at what C.C. has accomplished and what he has and may have to sacrifice, he should be heavily (no pun intended) considered for the American League Cy Young Award.
What a great team player we have in Carston Charles in his fabulous season.
Should he still win 20 games while missing his final start of the season to pitch twice in the first round of the playoffs there should be no question who wins the award.

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