Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad!"

Tonight’s games offer a mixed bag of results…
Detroit leads the American League Central by 1 full game over our Cleveland Indians and 6 games over Minnesota. Cleveland plays Chicago tonight while Detroit plays Minnesota.

Best Scenario?
1. Cleveland beats Chicago - Good!
2. Minnesota beats Detroit - Good?
3. Cleveland ties Detroit and Minnesota advances to 5 games back - Eh!

Second Best Scenario?
1. Cleveland still beats Chicago – Good!
2. Detroit beats Minnesota – Good?
3. Cleveland remains 1 game behind and Minnesota goes to 7 back – Eh!

Worst Scenario?
1. Cleveland loses to Chicago – Bad!
2. Minnesota beats Detroit – Bad?
3. Cleveland goes to 2 games out and Minnesota advances to 5 games back – Very bad!

Very Best Scenario?
Cleveland beats Chicago and doesn’t care whatever else happens!

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