Friday, July 20, 2007

Time Is Tight!

Don’t look now, but somebody has a cake schedule ahead of them.
The Tigers are up against the Royals over the weekend. Then they square off vs. the White Sox at the beginning of next week.
All the more reason why winning 3 games from Texas is only acceptable, but winning 4 games is necessary.
Who comes to the Jake when the good guys get back in town after this weekend?
We square off with none other than the Boston Red Sox for 4 games. Then, division rival Minnesota comes in for the weekend…tick…tick…tick…
However, this is what makes good teams better. We have heard Eric Wedge say many times that we cannot be concerned with the performance of any other team but our own. Trot Nixon was interviewed last night on the Indians’ Post Game Show. Television announcer Matt Underwood asked him, from an experienced playoff perspective, what does this team need to do to continue their playoff hopes? Trot reiterated the feeling of his manager by saying that they couldn’t get caught up in what other team are doing. If they put a strong focus on winning each game, one game at a time, they will control their own destiny and make the playoffs. Trot is right, if you keep winning, you can’t miss. However, every team hits tough times; it is just a matter of how tough.
The Indians have been very fortunate this season that their longest losing streak to date has only been 3 games. That is a testimonial to the entire club.
Conditioning must be a huge part of this as the Indians have been very fortunate to have no more that two players on the disabled list at a time. (C.C. Sabathia’s weight and the oblique pulls that Lee and Westbrook experienced are a concern but injuries have been minimal to date.)
Another credit to this team is the “hands they have been dealt” since the beginning of the season; the snowed out opening weekend, playing home games in Milwaukee, some very questionable umpiring calls, and more, but this team continues to fight back.
Speaking of fighting back, the 8th and 9th inning heroic comebacks are just another testimonial to the never give up spirit of this team and their manager.
So, let’s get it on with Texas, Boston, and Minnesota. Win 7 of these 11 games and remain in contention. Win eight or more and control the division as well as your own destiny.

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