Monday, July 16, 2007


The Cleveland Indians signed their manager Eric Wedge to a three-year contract today. Wedge, in the middle of his fifth season as the Tribe skipper, was given the pat on the back despite not making the playoffs to date.
The timing was right for the signing as many of this popular manager’s key players have been signed to contract extensions. Eric has shown the ability to successfully move players in and out of the lineup while staying in contention of the Central Division. Over the first four seasons, Eric Wedge has increased the Indians total wins by double digits three out of the last four seasons. His managerial record is seventh in Indians history at 373 – 367.
So, how do you celebrate your contract extension? At one point tonight, Chicago was ahead 11 -2. The final score was Sox 11, Tribe 10! The point is that Eric Wedge has been credited, and rightfully so, by his players as having a never give up mentality. Anyone who had the stomach to watch the entire game tonight, and it was hard, saw a manager that did not get frustrated with the runs scored by Chicago and actually focused on a rally that came up one run short!
To win the division, and we can, this team will need to raise their team batting average, get Cliff Lee and Jake Westbrook back on track, Get Hafner and Barfield hitting to their potential, turn a middle reliever loose, and exceed a .600 winning percentage.
This team can do it and Eric Wedge can lead them to do it.
It is time to get behind Eric Wedge 100%.

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