Sunday, July 29, 2007


Let's Go Streakin'!
It is July 29th and the Cleveland Indians are one half game behind the Detroit Tigers in the American League Central Division. Over the last ten games, the Indians are 4-6 and the Tigers are 3-7. It appears that neither team can hold on to the division lead, and Minnesota keeps trying to keep things interesting at 7 games out.
What a great time for the Indians to put together a winning streak. Their longest streak this year is 6 wins and they have accomplished this twice. Looking at the next 10 games on the Tribe’s schedule, the timing is right for the good guys to try and break away. Off on Monday, the Indians host Texas (46-59) for 3, go to Minnesota (53-51) for 4, and go to Chicago (48-57) for 3.
Sure, we had some bad luck over the weekend and Minnesota out-played/out-pitched us 2 out of 3 games. However, the Indians have been getting some great pitching from C.C., Fausto, and Byrd, and it appears Jake Westbrook has worked out his problems. The starting pitching question mark will be who replaces Cliff Lee in the rotation since his demotion to “AAA.” This is too good of a hitting team and they surely will start to support their pitching staff again very soon. Hafner is hitting again and the return of Kenny Lofton appears to be putting a new spark into the lineup.
So, let’s go streaking!
Come on guys, whip up 10 cream pies and have some fun!

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