Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How Do You Feel?

Your team, the Cleveland Indians, just played a three game series with the Chicago White Sox. The Sox are in 4th place in the American League Central, 14.5 games behind Detroit. Cleveland is struggling to stay within a game of Detroit. The White Sox handily went ahead of the Indians on Monday night, leading at one point by a score of 11-2, only to see that lead diminish to 11-10 by the end of the game. On Tuesday night, the Indians came from behind to tie the game in the ninth and win it in the eleventh inning. Wednesday afternoon saw the Tribe’s offense sputter while their starting pitching failed again. The Tribe lost two of three games with Chicago.
As an Indian’s fan, how do you feel?
Television commentator Rick Manning related the following during the Monday night game. He said that fans of the home team see both the good and the bad of their team and generally only see the good of the opposition. Consequently, the hometown fans are very critical of their own team and their own manager.
Good point, but as an Indian’s fan, how do you feel?
Boston got the tar beat out of them by the lowly Royals last night. We look at the Red Sox as if they are baseball gods. At the same time, their fans are probably quite disgusted by their poor showing vs. the Royals.
Maybe so, but as an Indian’s fan, how do you feel?
The Yankees have had one of their most dismal starts to a season ever. Slowly they are putting it back together and creeping back into contention. The fans of the Yankees were furious with the team’s performance and will not be satisfied until the team emerges as the leader of the American League East because the fans expect no less.
Good for them but, as an Indian’s fan, how do you feel?
Is your confidence shaken because this team only plays to the level of their competition?
Wouldn’t you love to see the Indians blow out another team, any team?
Don’t you crave for a middle reliever to hold the opposition scoreless?
The come from behind wins (and almost wins) are very exciting but can’t we start winning some games from start to finish?
As an Indian’s fan, how do you feel?
Based on the Chicago series, I feel nauseated!

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