Thursday, May 31, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ball Park Mustard!

Is there anything better than a hot dog with Ball Park spicy brown mustard at Jacob’s field? Combine that with the sights, smells, and sounds of major league baseball and a winning team with the best home field record, there is nothing better offered on the planet. It took a lot of work and effort for Bertman’s to be “Mustard Monarch” in Cleveland. Being a former member of the grocery industry, I have heard wild and crazy stories from food suppliers of the great “Mustard War” that took place years ago at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. From fistfights and sabotage to alleged death threats, we have these architects of free enterprise to thank for the celestial concoction of condiment that we enjoy today.
Here are some hot dog facts that you may or may not be aware of:

Marlene Dietrich said one of her favorite meals was hot dogs and champagne.

Babe Ruth once ate so many hot dogs during a double header with the Yankees that he was rushed to the hospital for indigestion. Rumors of his death were exaggerated and premature.

Actor Bruce Willis proposed to his actress wife Demi Moore at a hot dog stand.

In 1995, 3 Seattle Seahawk football players were fined $1000 each for eating hot dogs on the sidelines of a pre-season game. The smell of the hot dogs wafting down from the stands was just too irresistible to the hungry players.

Do people take their spicy condiment seriously?

You have to “Cut the Mustard” in life to be successful.

“As Keen as Mustard” was a phrase from 1672!

Mustard Plasters are an age-old remedy for many illnesses.

“You shall see a man as hot as Mustard against Plot and Plotters." This is a phrase from F. Smith's Clod-pate's Ghost, 1679.

How about this tongue in cheek (probably searching for that last taste of mustard) excerpt from the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum:

Under the new Condiment Abuse Prevention Act of 2007, ketchup and mayo eaters will be required to register themselves as known condiment offenders. Decent Americans can then search the National Registry of Condiment Lowlifes to identify any food perverts that happen to live in their neighborhoods.
Mustard Museum Curator Barry Levenson hailed the measure as “long overdue” and “a valuable tool in our nation’s war on sandwich predators.” Citing a recent government study that identified ketchup as the leading cause of childhood stupidity, Levenson predicted that he would soon be committed to the Wisconsin Home for the Criminally Absurd.

Enjoy your hot dog with the proper mustard and Go Tribe!

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