Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Spirit Of Cleveland!

Our winters are too long and too cold, our springs come too late and stay cold and wet too long, and our summers go by in the blink of an eye, but when the Cleveland Indians take the field, you will never find more loyal fans than the people who get behind the Tribe in this crazy town. Snow on our opener, take home games away from us, even add runs on the scoreboard against us three innings later, and the Indians' fans are there, day in, day out, all season, all year long. Our home opener was snowed out one pitch away from victory. Opener #2 was held in Milwaukee. Opener #3 took place last night at Jacobs Field. There was snow again! But this time, the snow was produced for the "enjoyment and entertainment" of the fans. Snow machines were positioned at the entrance to remind fans why Mike Hargrove and his Mariners were in town to make up a game on what would have otherwise been an off day for both teams. There were 25' snowmen and writing in the manufactured snow that read, "Play Ball!" McDonald's McFlurry coupons were handed out to fans. Snow removal contracts for next winter were given away as were snow throwers. Additionally, a leaf blower that was used to blow away the snow back on April 6th during the original opener was given away!
The fans loved it all and truly got into the spirit of the night. They came to their feet many, many times; for C.C.'s 1000th strike out, Barfield's throw to the plate and Victor's block to prevent a go-ahead run, Casey's home run, and Barfield's run scoring double. When it appeared Hargrove may get the "thumb" during an argument at home plate, the crowed roared!
A spirited team effort snatched the game away from the Mariners with a score of 5-2 on a night when Indians ace C.C. Sabathia just didn't have his best stuff. The Indians own the best home record in baseball and have matched their own best home wins vs. losses record with the Indians' team of 1995. Playing at home, the Tribe enjoys tremendous support from their Wahoo Faithful.
There is a new league leader in this group. Josh Barfield leads the league in GWPF. That is game winning pies in face for the player interviewed on the post game show for being the game winner.
This is my town (despite the weather). The Cleveland Indians are my team. This is our year...come into our house and we will show you why!

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