Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 17th, A Very Strange Day In Cleveland Indians Baseball History!

The following odd occurrences took place on May 17th, all involving our Cleveland Indians!

Due to Sunday restrictions in Cleveland, a major league game is played in Columbus, Ohio with the "hometown" Indians defeating the New York Highlanders, 9-2. (…And we thought this season was unique!)


In a 2-1 loss to the Senators, Indians' outfielder Tris Speaker singles off pitcher Tom Zachary to reach the career 3000-hit milestone.

Every game on the American League schedule is rained out for the fourth consecutive day.

Tom McCraw hits perhaps the shortest home run in baseball history. The 200-foot round tripper is the result of three Indians colliding trying to catch the ball, a short pop fly over second base.


With the first 10 pitches he throws as a major league, 22-year old Ervin Santana of the Angels allows a collective cycle to the first four Indian batters he faces; a triple by Grady Sizemore, a double by Coco Crisp, a single by Travis Hafner followed by a home run blasted by Ben Broussard.

What oddities are on the horizon?!!

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