Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wins = Cream Pies!

The 2007 edition of the Cleveland Indians has been exciting to be a part of. Despite many setbacks in this young season, this team finds itself on top of the American League Central Division.
While all of this winning has been going on, a mysterious “ritual” has emerged. During post game “player of the game” interviews, the player becomes a victim of cream pie assault. Believed to be sharing the hit and run missions are Trot Nixon and David Dellucci, who also share right field. Recently, Grady Sizemore was being interviewed for his game-winning heroics. During that interview, Grady’s defense came into play once more as he avoided “peer-pie pressure!”
This camaraderie reminds me of the ’95 Indians who always had a bubble gum balloon for any team-mate that took part in a television interview. That team went all the way to the 6th game of the World Series!
As the winning is a recipe for success for this group, victory will continue to be sweet!

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