Friday, May 18, 2007

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid!

It is May 18th and the Cleveland Indians are in first place by one full game in the American League East. Their fielding continues to improve and their hitting is really heating up. It is evident that the team has benefited most from great starting pitching and a much improved relief corps. In fact, the starting pitching has been so effective, we have sent Fausto Carmona down to Triple A after a stunning victory over Baltimore almost two weeks ago just to bring him back when Jake Westbrook went on the DL. Fausto has wowed baseball with a great record (5-0 with a 1.38 ERA in his last five starts and hasn't given up a run in 15 innings), capping that with a 4 hit shutout of the Twins just yesterday. Jake is almost ready to come back from the DL. Another very encouraging tidbit is that our minor league pitchers are performing very well led by Adam Miller. The team brass has been very creative in protecting their pitching depth. When asked what they will do when Jake is ready to come back, they have replied, "Something will come up!”

So, if you are a starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, what does all of this mean?

It means;
  • Don’t change ceiling fan light bulbs at home

  • That home improvement project can wait until November

  • Don’t play pepper in your yard with your kids

  • There are “people” who can change the blade on your chain saw

  • Forget it! That wind-blown, rolling Target shopping cart will probably “just miss” your "Beamer”

  • It’s a good time to grow a beard

  • Don’t change your own automobile oil

  • Stay out of the kids’ tree house

  • A pick-up basketball game should be limited to “H.O.R.S.E.”

  • Call the cable guy to re-aim your satellite dish

  • Attempt the “Triple Lindy” high dive after the post season

  • When “Dancing with The Stars” calls, you are not interested

Hang on, it just keeps getting better!


Anonymous said...

there is no crying in do not do it when the red sox win the series. also, major league ball is ruined with the money and the 'roids. you want baseball? you need to listen for the ping baby. you have got to love the challenge of going to omaha. it is nice to live near a school with a great tradition - 11 college world series appearances, 20 consecutive years of ncaa tourney play, over 47 wins per year for 13 straight years, seven 1st round picks in the last 12 years, 73 overall players drafted in last 13 years and two play of the year winners since 1996. Do you know who it is or who i am?

Big Daddy said...

My man! How are things in L.P.?
We visit the Bosox in the land of Paul Revere next week. It will be our first test and I venture to say it will be Boston's first real test of this young season. I'm feeling pretty confident!